Tom Anastasio Fine Art

Mystical Fusion

Chine-Coile - Sumi-e Drawings - Laser Art

November 15th, 2018 - January 4th, 2019

Rose Room Gallery
Peabody Auditorium
600 Auditorium Road
Daytona Beach, Florida 32137

(386) 671-3460

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Borrowed Time, 2015

Artist Tom Anastasio L-R Tom Anastasio,Janice Jackson ,Mary McBride (Gallery Curator)  L-R Victor and Kathleen Natiello L-R Tom Anastasio, Isabella and Quinto Bocuzzi, Fr. George Sankooriikal, Ada and Eugene D'Iorio, and John and Angela Ciocca L-R Tom Anastasio, Onicas Gaddis,and Leigh Jackson L-R Tom Anastasio, Al and Shirley Torrisi, Patricia Maloney, Lisa Mrakovcic,and Barbara and Michael Wright Linda and Ron Nyselius, Tom Anastaio ,Paul and Adelaide Szabo, and Sandy and Missy Piekunka flickr gallery lightbox by v6.0m
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Recent Works

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Laser Art

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Processes Illustrated

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